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Woman Triples Size Of Her Lips To Be More ‘Fashionable’: “I Look Prettier With Bigger Lips”

Have you ever wondered how far would you go to satisfy the desire to look better?

It is positive to be confident, to have a high opinion about yourself, and to strive to look better, but in the modern society, many people have lost themselves on their way to becoming perfectly-looking dolls.

Being obsessed with the size of her lips, a 22-year old Bulgarian student has visited almost every cosmetic clinic in the country’s capital city, Sofia to get the look she is satisfied with.

Andrea Emilova Ivanova claims that her looks have brought her numerous marriage proposals online, even though there are also people who have panned her for her lips.

Yet, she is confident and goes on posting photos of her lips after a lip job on her Instagram account, where over 18,000 people follow her.


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#Mahasiswi berusia 22 tahun ini mendapatkan cibiran ketika ia mengungkapkan transformasi operasi plastiknya. Ingin terlihat seperti #boneka #Barbie, ia malah di-#bully #miripmonster. #AndreaIvanova telah melakukan 15 kali bedah kosmetik dalam setahun demi terlihat seperti Barbie. Namun, selama 12 bulan itu, cibirannya meningkat secara dramatis. Hasil #operasiplastik Andrea belum memuaskan semua orang, karena banyak kecaman dan komentar kejam yang menyebutnya monster dan ‘#DaffyDuck’. Awalnya, wanita yang berasal dari #Bulgaria ini mengubah dirinya dengan mendapatkan operasi plastik dan berharap lebih terlihat seperti boneka. . “Sejak saya kecil, saya mencintai Barbie dan bermimpi tentang wajah yang sepertinya suatu hari,” kata Andrea seperti dikutip Daily Star. . “Saya melakukan lebih dari 15 prosedur sejak 2018. Saya tidak menghitungnya, mungkin ada lebih banyak,” imbuhnya. Mempertahankan penampilan hasil operasi plastiknya tentu tidak mudah. Andrea dilaporkan menyuntikkan #asamhialuronat ke bibirnya dan melakukan #filler kembali setiap kali ukurannya mulai berkurang. Sementara wanita yang berasal dari kota #Burgas tampaknya senang dengan hasilnya, ia mendapati kritik ketika mengunggah foto selfie secara online. . “Monster!,” kritik #netizen. . Meskipun Andrea telah menerima komentar kebencian, dia tidak menyesal telah melakukan #operasi plastik. “Setiap orang memiliki hak untuk hidup dan terlihat seperti yang mereka inginkan, tidak perlu bagi setiap orang untuk memenuhi standar yang dipaksakan oleh orang lain,” terang Andrea . “Itu pilihan pribadi dan aku tidak pernah takut untuk mengungkapkannya!,” ujarnya. Sumber : wolipop | Senin,10 Jun 2019 #tahu_nggak #viral

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Andrea has had over 15 procedures so far, but she wants to triple the size of her lips to make them more “fashionable”.

She has been obsessed with big lips since she was very young as she believed they made her look “prettier.” Yet, she now likes them more than before, and adds that large, lips like hers are very trendy in her home country now.

She admits visiting almost all clinics for aesthetic procedures in Sofia, and putting all kinds of lip fillers in her lips: Princess Volume, Princess Filler, Hyaluronica Vital Esthetique, Apriline Forte, Revolax Deep, and Teosyal.”

Ivanova said that she didn’t count the money she spent for these procedures, so she doesn’t know exactly how much money she has spent so far, but added that 1 ml of hyaluronic acid is a standard 300 Lev (£135) in Bulgaria.

Woman TRIPLES the size of her lips in a bid to be more ‘fashionable’

— Daily Mail Femail (@Femail) September 20, 2019

Just when you think you have seen it all Woman TRIPLES the size of her lips in a bid to be more ‘fashionable’ the world Is beyond repair via @DailyMailAU #lips #fillers #craycray

— Kylie C (@KylieRCarson) September 20, 2019

Andrea explains that thousands of people compliment her lips and outfit. On the other hand, she adds that most of the negative comments are from women. Yet, she claims that other people’s opinions are irrelevant, and she likes herself as she is now.

The German Philology student cannot promise she will stop here as well. Ivanova says that for each person: “big” “bigger” and “too big” are different concepts. Yet, she says she has no boundaries, so she cannot tell how large her lips would become over time.

Andrea is quick to deny that she’s addicted to fillers and claims she doesn’t copy any celebrities when it comes to her look.

Woman TRIPLES the size of her lips in a bid to be more ‘fashionable’

— mykeTUNEz Empire (@myketunezempire) September 20, 2019

She said she wouldn’t mind having the biggest lips in the world, but added that the big lips are fashionable in Bulgaria, so many other girls use the fillers too.

On the other hand, this trend may be on the downswing — at least in New York. According to doctors more people lately are deflating facial areas they had artificially plumped up.