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Transcript for VMA’s to play homage to late music legend Aretha Franklin

??? I’m a slave for Y ??? Who can forgethat iconic moment at mtv’s video music ds when Britney sprs used a snake dance partner to sing “I’m a slave for you.” You N expect tomorrow nighs show to have its unpredictable moments. But there will be some bittersweet ones as we as sic artists pay tribute to a legend who inspired soany. Reporter: The stage is set and the red et is out. The industryorous stars getting ready to descend on radio city music hall Monday night. ??? For a little respect whenou get home, hey baby ??? year the rty hitting a somber note. Aretha Franklin’s recent death prompting the to pay respect to the queen of soul. Something that’ganic and done in way that feels right because it’stha Franklin. You know, you have to get it right Reporter: Mtv also reportedly planning a show of support for demi Lovato. ??? Mama I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore ??? Repr: The superstar on the road to recovery since being hospitalized for auspected drug overdose. So, who can weect to walk away with the most moon me ??? I like it like that ??? Reporter: Leading the pack with the most nominations, rapper cardi B. And the Carters, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Set to take E stage, cardi B., Ariana grande, and SHAWN Mendez. Nicki Minaj to perform but from a surprise iconic New York City loon. ???Aiting for tonight ???reporter: Jennifer Lopez will be receiving the Michael jkson video vanguardward, joining previous honorees, pink, Rihanna, Beyonce and Justin tierlake.the icon telling our Amy robach that she is lookforward to honor. I’m hapo be doing what I love to do and I love to keep evolving and growing, an be recognizn that way along with your idols is awesome. Reporter: Spontaneous viral mos are no stranger to the VMAs. O can forget in 2009 when Kanye west sed the STA during Taylor ift’s acceptance speech. I’m really happy for you. M going to L you finish. ??? I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me ??? Reporter: Beyonce announcg her pregnancy in 2011. TRE’s just something in the water with this showugh. Somehow the VMAs bring aer level of unexpectecraziness. Reporte and you can see all that crazinen Monday night. That’s kind of the funf the VMAs. Loosey-gsey, everykind of does and says whatever they want. Makes for good TV. After that Kanye west/taylor swift moment, they’ve had LI a Kanye cam set very year since then, like just locked on him ready to go. Yeah. There have been a lot of contversial mometoo. Outside him, people were like did he aack Taylor Swift. Therwas also the Britney moment with Madonna. We’ll se we’ll be talking about uesday morning. Stay tuned for the viral videos that the next morning.

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