The Best Gym Shorts For Men

Shorts are shorts, right? Wrong! The shorts you wear in the gym can make a bigger difference to your workout than you might expect. There are comfort issues to consider, along with how free your movements are in your shorts – especially if you’re dropping into deep squats or huge lunges – and it never hurts to have odour-killing tech in the fabric, if only to cut down on the amount of washing you have to do.

Not convinced? That’s fine, we have shorts for everyone, including a “shorts-are-shorts” option that will leave you with change from a fiver.

UA Perpetual Shorts

These shorts offer the Goldilocks fit for gym activities – not too fitted and not too loose – and the stretchy fabric also ensures your movements are unhindered throughout your workout. There are two colours to pick from, which we only mention because you’d have to be mad to opt for the blue with black bar over the black with gold bar option. £50, buy on

Domyos 100

If the £50 price tag on those UA shorts had you spluttering with disgust, then maybe the Domyos 100 from Decathlon might be more agreeable. These cheap-as-chips shorts will do a job in keeping your nethers covered during your workout, and the loose fit is comfortable for Pilates too. £3.99, buy on

Nike Dri-Fit 8in

Whatever length you like your gym shorts to be, Nike hase a Dri-FIT option for you, but we reckon 8in (20.5cm) is just about perfect for most styles of training. The Dri-FIT shorts are wicking wonders that will help keep your lower body comfortable during even your sweatiest training sessions. £37.50, buy on

Side Stripe Athletic Bamboo Shorts

Bamboo fabric is naturally odour-resistant and more comfortable than any synthetic material we’ve come across, making it ideal for gym gear. These mid-thigh, slim-fitting shorts are especially good for those who like to hit the treadmill. £35, buy on

Adidas 4KRFT Climachill Shorts

All the gym short classics are present here, including sweat-wicking and odour-resistant fabrics, and the added bonus is the two zip pockets to keep your valuables in on the way to the gym. £39.95, buy on

Canterbury VapoDri Woven Shorts

These lightweight shorts ride high on the thigh, making them a good pick for those who prefer less fabric and more freedom in their gym shorts. Canterbury’s breathable VapoDri fabric wicks sweat away and dries so quickly your perspiration will have disappeared before your break between sets is over. £21 (currently reduced to £16.80), buy on

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