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Time for pop. Adrienne is overseas. Sam is he what up? What? I thought S just here to watch the show. Let’s start with Meghan ma. She is settling into her own, I thintting rave revies the newest royal. Some are hearing something a little drent now. S G some grief for apparently startto sound a little bit more British, but others aren’t Su so here’s how un this vusposted by a royal watcher. Take a listen. Hi, nice to meet you. What’s your name? Naaya. A I’ve been a fan of yours for so long. Yeah, ir it a little. Well,s is an L.A. Gal rn and raised. So WHA Y I think there’s a difference between accent and maybe just the cadence. Right. I I hear a little how coshe not have a lit bit of an accent. Yo surrounded by it. You’re sounded by it. I think N. Waitress star Katharine Mcphee is clapping back on people who are ring eyebrows her engent. Lots of online ser since she announced her intention to tie thnot with record ucer David foster. Y? She’s 34 and he’s 68. The actress is tweeting because people are giving her a little T of stuffut it, y’all should be worrying more about registering to vote mid-term tions than W marrying me. Addingank you foming to my Ted talk. Thisl second marriage, this is his fifth. Thatcourse means not, ladies and gentlemen, absolutely thing. Get it right the fifth time. Right. Lly, ladies gentle the beatles are B suarine” is returning to the silver screen to mark it’s 50th anniversary.hard to believe ??? in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies ??? For the younger generation, they’re going to — for people do and there’s more than we all live in a yellow submarine, ‘R going to have bouncing bal cs so you N sing along. I listened to yellow bmarine in the Tith my son tiand that rod holds up. It is so good even is so good.songs that people don’t even know. 1968, an excellent year by th You’re not saying why. The year rob ma — The creation of marciano.was ten yes before you were born. Go see the Mo thanks, Dan. Oh, my gosh. Looks really goodugh, he really does. Sam, great to have you again. Okay, why can’t we just leave it at rob. You are such a pleasure to have here. Sjoy to be re. We really appreciate it. George is coming up soon, a great

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