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And in today’s “Weekend download.” Encouraging findings in the fight against breast cancer. Chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton joins us with more. Good morning to you. Good morning. This is revolutionary. The latest news comes from the journal of nature and medicine. A woman with stage four breast cancer tries a new treatment and has amazing results. Right. She was part of a clinical trial. This is being called unprecedented in the world of cancer treatment. A 49-year-old woman out of options with metastatic breast cancer who was given a cell-based therapy. Now, three years later, she’s cancer free. Tell us about this. This is immuno-therapy. Yeah. This surnd the category of um mine therapy. If you imagine a lock and key fit. Researchers wanted to find a mutation on this woman’s solid cancer tumor that matched kind of the key fit on her immune cells. They were able to find it in just 11 of her t-cells. They then made billions of those cells in a lab. They gave them back to the woman. They went on a seek and destroy mission and annihilated her tumor. This is not just the future, Paula. This is the present for people with lethal, solid tumors, this cell-based immune therapy is really changing things. This is legitimately the start of something big? Absolutely. For people with certain types of solid tumors, go to clinicaltrials.gov. Put in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and put in some other factors to see where they can participate in a clinical trial. Encouraging news.

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