Denver-area artists create long-lasting memories of cherished pets – The Denver Post

Photographs are a great way to capture images of your dog or cat, horse or bird. But those smartphone snaps don’t get to the essence of your prized pet the way a painted portrait does.

That is why there’s a growing demand for pet paintings and an eager cadre of artists to create them. Styles and materials are all over the map, with prices determined by an artist’s reputation and experience, the size of the work commissioned, materials involved and complexity of the subject (is there one dog pictured or several?). Here’s a look at a few local artists and their processes.

Painting in public

On summer afternoons, you’ll likely find David Kennett painting pet portraits on a Breckenridge street, next to a crepe stand, chatting up visitors and residents as they shop and stroll.

“I would go crazy at home by myself,” says Kennett, 41, a Denver resident who often paints at coffee shops when he’s in town. By painting in public, he says, “I can basically work and market at the same time. People can see my work and they order.”

Like other portraitists, he works from photographs clients send him of their pets. While Kennett will take photos if needed, the pet’s owners can often get the best images because the dog or cat is familiar with and fond of them, he says.

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